The Amazing Ashley

My comedy magic show is sure to be a hit at your child’s birthday party.  My show is very interactive and makes the children feel like they have graduated from Hogwarts. Mums are constantly emailing me weeks after their son or daughter’s birthday party saying that their child can’t stop talking about how they “waved a magic wand and made a REAL bird appear from nowhere.”

All my magic tricks are very colourful and visual. For my last trick I ask the birthday child to say some magic words and turn a dove into a fluffy white chicken. There are lots of cute animals in my act - it’s not a real birthday party magic show unless a rabbit appears out of a hat.

I’ve performed my magic shows at birthday parties all around Melbourne for over 10 years now. Over this time I’ve performed shows at the houses of numerous television and movie stars, prime ministers and well-known entrepreneurs, and countless AFL players. Most weekends I do 6 birthday party shows, and during the week I perform at schools and corporate functions.


About Ashley

I’ve been doing magic shows since I was about 9 years old when my mum gave me a magic book and cape for Christmas. I’ve stopped wearing capes now, but still love teaching kids some of the cool tricks I learnt from that book. For my first magic show at school I sawed my grade 5 teacher in half. I won the school captaincy the following year on a “saw-more-teachers-in-half” platform. My favourite place to perform magic is at backyard birthday parties, but I also spend a lot of time performing card tricks for the rich and famous at corporate parties and charity events. When I’m not performing magic I teach philosophy and logic at the University of Melbourne, where I'm working on my PhD thesis on how to best teach critical thinking skills.